Cleaning expert dubs homemade spray the 'ultimate black mould killer'
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Cleaning expert dubs homemade spray the 'ultimate black mould killer'

Jul 26, 2023

Mould isn't just a winter issue, and black mould can really take a hold in your home if left untreated - but an expert has shared a spray you can make with kitchen cupboard supplies that will banish it

Mould isn't something that exclusively happens in the wintertime. Thanks to the often humid temperatures in summer, places like the bathroom often see mould build up - and it can be seriously tricky to get rid of, causing panic when it's noticed.

But thankfully, an expert has shared a homemade spray method that you can use to banish it, meaning that you don't have to be embarrassed when guests grace your home, as the mould problem will be under control. Warren Kinloch, a bathroom expert at Bathroom Deal, said: "The main reason mould occurs in the summer is because of the combination of moisture, heat and poor ventilation."

He continued: "Bathrooms are often exposed to elevated humidity levels due to showers, baths, and general water usage. Inadequate ventilation allows moisture to linger, creating an ideal environment for mould spores to settle and proliferate." And if the mould does settle, it can cause unsightly stains on walls, tiles, and grout, and even health problems.

Warren explained that cleaning and maintaining the bathroom is "vital" in preventing and fighting mould growth between tiles and on the walls. And whilst it may seem logical to reach for the specific mould spray, he shared that there are things likely in your kitchen cupboard that will work a treat, reports the Express.

He explained that if you spray white vinegar on the mould, which can be bought from Tesco for just 29p if you don't already have it in, and leave it for one or two hours and then scrub away, it will banish the unsightly mess. But, if you want the "ultimate black mould killer" he recommended combining baking soda, white vinegar and water together to create "a solution that's much tougher and likely to kill stronger mould." Baking soda can be purchased for just £1.

And to ensure it doesn't come back again, Warren recommended keeping your eyes on "corners, edges and hidden spots" as mould often occurs in the harder-to-reach areas.

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