7 Amazon home essentials for storage, laundry and more
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7 Amazon home essentials for storage, laundry and more

Feb 03, 2024

The day-to-day is busy enough — which is why we rejoice when we find products that promise to make our lives even just a little bit easier.

If you do the same, you can now consider your search for solutions finally over! Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post stopped by TODAY to share seven home essentials that just might make you want to jump for joy, too.

From a broom that can be used on both carpet and hard flooring to a $6 organization must-have, keep reading to shop them all, plus even more picks our editors are loving right now.

Fruit flies are a nuisance and attempting to get rid of them can be just as frustrating as their presence. Post loves this plug-in fly trap, which features a sticky backing and UV light to attract pests and trap them. You can use it in any indoor outlet for a solution that is less of an eyesore than typical bug traps.

If your broom pushes dirt around rather than actually sweeping it up, Post thinks you'll appreciate the "high tech" design of this one that she found. According to the brand, the silicone blade helps generate static electricity that attracts dirt and prevents it from spreading. It can be used on hard floors to pick up spills, carpets to sweep up pet hair, on windows and glass as a squeegee and more.

If you're a fan of pickles, eating them from the jar is likely your preferred method of snacking — but likely not the cleanest. This jar functions like an hourglass, so once flipped, it strains its contents for easy access, Post says. It can be used for everything from olives and beets to other vegetables that you'd like to marinate; plus, it's dishwasher safe.

If you live in a smaller space, odds are you might be short on cabinet space, too. Post says this bestselling organizer offers double the amount of storage since it is double-tiered. It also features a sliding shelf and side hooks to help you leverage your space in a cabinet or even on top of your kitchen counter.

If you're tight on space, Post also likes these magnetic hooks as an extra storage solution. According to the brand, they can support up to 25 pounds, so you can use it to hold everything from towels to handbags to tools. You can get a set of six for just under $6.

Laundry detergent can be heavy to carry — and expensive. One TODAY producer uses these sheets and swears by them. The sheets have more than 17,000 ratings from shoppers who say they are great for every day and travel purposes. "Never will I buy a liquid detergent or even powders again," wrote one reviewer. "This light weight sheet gets my clothes clean, and has little to no environmental impact. I went with unscented and I am very happy."

A solution for your closet that Post loves? These pants hangers. According to the brand, this set of two can save you up to 80% more closet space. Horizontally, it can hold five pairs of pants (or skirts and scarves, but if you use them vertically, the brand says it can store 10 pairs of pants.

This sliding tray can help you access toasters, coffee makers and other hard-to-reach appliances on your countertop. It has amassed over 3,000 ratings from shoppers, including one who says it is "So simple, yet one of the best things in have ever bought!"

Need a quicker way to prep dinner or lunch? This tool can help you shred chicken, pork and other meats with just a few twists, according to the brand.

These bag sealers are not like your average chip clip. They can help keep your favorite snacks and frozen foods fresh by sliding over the edge of whatever bag you are snacking from and feature a guide to help ensure a tight seal. "There is an immediate difference between freshness when using a normal clip to these," wrote one reviewer who called them a "must-have." "Especially good for those family bags of chips that won’t be finished in one sitting!"

According to the brand, this mold remover can tackle stains in your washing machine, refrigerator and more in as little as five hours. Once the gel sits, you can wipe it or wash it away — no scrubbing necessary — according to the brand.

These cord organizers help keep counters clear of long cords and neatly stowed away whenever they are not in use. You can grab a set of two for just $6 right now.

Another meal prep hack we're loving? This grater that catches all of the shredded ingredients for you. The base is removable, so you can dump everything out at once and not have to worry about scraps ending up on the counter.

Jillian Ortiz is a Production Associate at Shop TODAY.