Typo planters by David Karásek and Michael Tomalik for Mmcité
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Typo planters by David Karásek and Michael Tomalik for Mmcité

Sep 16, 2023

Dezeen Showroom: designers David Karásek and Michael Tomalik have collaborated with Czech brand Mmcité to create a planter made from 3D-printed concrete.

Named Typo, the concrete planters were designed as items of street furniture that introduce greenery to public spaces.

The pots have a playful, tapered silhouette made using 3D-printing technology, which can create a more complex shape compared to mould-based casting.

"[Traditional] concrete needs to cure in the mould for at least a day after casting," said designer Michael Tomalik. "With 3D printing, it takes only half an hour, and another piece can be printed."

"By resembling an imaginary font, letters or symbols, Typo is in its own way another form of typography in public space," Tomalik continued.

Typo pots come in one neutral colourway showcasing their raw concrete finish and are available with an integrated irrigation system to nourish plants in areas with limited rainfall.

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