Yuck! Cape Town has a mould problem, and here's why
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Yuck! Cape Town has a mould problem, and here's why

Aug 22, 2023

Lester Kiewit speaks to Rob Fraser, owner and director of AllCleanSA, to find out how to prevent the growth of mould and how to get rid of it.

There's plague affecting households across the Mother City.

A musty, damp, microscopic fungus finding its way onto furniture, clothes, behind cupboards.

Mould has become the bug-bear of many a Capetonian in recent months, with people taking to social media to ask, "am I the only one affected?"

Well, no, you're not.

Rob Fraser of commercial cleaning outfit AllCleanSA says, while not uncommon for the time of year, they have seen an increase in call-outs to tackle mould.

He suggests it could well be down to the heavy rains and cold weather we've seen in the Western Cape in recent weeks:

It has been the perfect storm for mould.

We're getting call outs for curtain and furniture and wall and ceiling cleaning.

It's a fungi, it's a spore, it should be treated.

Fraser says for moderately affected areas, a household cleaner of white vinegar can be used to clean it.

For more severely affected areas, a humidifier can be used, along with industrial detergents.

As soon as you see it, treat it.

It's become such a problem in the Mother City that a search for 'Cape Town mould' on social media, brings up a host of videos with Capetonians sharing their experiences with mould.

Check out the videos below:

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'Mould in Cape Town' has been trending on social media , and people are asking if they’re the only ones experiencing this. Check out the videos below:RELATED: Fix mould and condensation without spending much money